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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Metal Hot Rod Prints

49 Ford Shoebox

Constrained Force

Here are a couple new Hot Rod prints I launched for The Carnivora exhibit. The Hot Rod prints are printed on Aluminum. The art work was originally done in Painter and Photoshop. On the Constrained Force piece I rusted stainless steel on the aluminum then hand etched the outer part of the piece. The artwork is an old sketch I had around. I finally finished the piece for an art show called Carnivora. The art piece is my take on a version of the Batmobile that needed to be chained down to control it. It gave the car more character instead of just being a car. The other Hot Rod print is of a 49 Ford with some customization by me. Then I painted all the aluminum with a a primer lacquer for the mat and three shades of green on the main piece for the image.Then sanded through the greens to give it a worn look. Then the metal is sealed. The image is put on with a UV process that bakes the ink onto the surface and become virtually waterproof. Then I used acrylics to finish it off to give some texture and depth to the final Hot Rod prints. Each print is framed in a custom CNC anodized aluminum frame designed by me. These Hot Rod prints are truly a one of a kind piece and I am only making 15 of each because of the timely process to make them. So each one will be different and have it own unique look. I will even take color request if interested then you can have one of kind piece of artwork. Each piece sells for $800 each plus shipping and handling. I already have a list started for the prints and it is on a first come first serve basis. I can be reached through my email if interested.

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