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Friday, May 27, 2011

I need your help for "The Hot Rod Art Book"

I want to offer everyone something very special that has pledged so far. I really want to get the word out on the book for the next three days and I need everyones help to accomplish an ambitious goal. I would like the book to hit the $10,000 mark. If I hit the $10,000 mark, I will release my book to all the people that ordered it in a Hi Rez digital format. You get to see the book before it comes out. Then if we hit the $12,000 mark I will release a very limited edition print book that will contain very high quality art printed on the highest quality water color paper and canvas. The book will be a piece of art in itself. So with your help by spreading the word with email, blogs facebook, articles we can do this together. I truly thank you all for your contribution. Link to book
Dwayne Vance

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