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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Structura" the art of Sparth

As a professional designer I always use lots of things to help inspire me. I have worked in the design industry for over 13 yrs from graphic design to automotive design. I use lots of cool equipment and have many books in my library, so I decided to open a store and share some of the things I have and tools of the trade with all of you guys. Go to the FutureElements store and check it out. Some of my favorite books are listed. One of my favorite current artists is Sparth. He is an amazing digital artist with some killer techniques. Sparth's art book called "Structura" just came out from Design Studio Press and it features his best work. It includes Sparth's professional work as well as personal artwork. Sparth uses a lot of custom Photoshop brushes with textures and patterns. Which creates stunning pieces of art, it almost becomes a "pick the picture out of the clouds technique" and creates "happy accidents". Sparth's main work now is working in the video game industry doing the concept art for the games from characters to vehicle and environment design. Some of Sparth's newest published work was Assassin's creed. Sparth has worked for game companies such as Capcom, Namco and recently worked with Ubisoft. So "Strucura" is a great addition to any concept artists libabry. Well worth the money and check out the other concept books offered through my store.

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Vaughan Ling said...

great book, it was interesting to see how his work changed over the years